Green & Gold arab inspired makeup

Wigs on a budget // pt. 1

Hey lovelies!

If you spend a lot of time on social media like I do, you’ve probably noticed the awesome wig trend that is currently going on (kylie Jenner anyone?) Everyones hair keeps changing from blond, to long brunette, to short blue – with no damage to the natural hair. How cool is that?

I’m currently waiting for some awesome wigs myself that I can’t wait to play with when I get home from LA – can already imagine the cool videos and pictures I can do with them.

Now, a lot of the Instagram girls I follow all use pretty expensive handmade wigs which isn’t something everyone can afford or want to spend on wigs they might only use a few times for certain looks or to test out new hairstyles, so I decided to share some of my favorite wigs I’ve found online with great prices (10-26USD) and free worldwide shipping! (:

Here’s the ones I’m currently looking at and some I have on the way. Links provided below!


1. here // 2. here // 3. here// 4. here // 5. here //
6. here // 7. here // 8. here // 9. here // 10. here


xoxo Laura

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Green & Gold arab inspired makeup