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I went to Bali back in May as most of you know and we found some amazing places to eat that I just have to share with you guys! Bali is such a popular travel destination at the moment and it seems like everyone I know is going there soon or just came back from vacation.

We had such a hard time deciding where to eat every day since there’s so many places to choose from and we definitely had some bad food some days but we also found some really amazing places with delicious food that I just have to show you.

We stayed at the Hotel Vila Lumbung in Seminyak and all these places were within walking distance of the hotel or a quick taxi ride away.

1. Potato Head Beach Club

img_1678 img_1685 img_1674

This was the number one place on my list of places to go when we got there since I’d heard so much about it on Instagram and various travel blogs and books. It’s a gorgeous bar/restaurant/beach club right by the ocean located only 5 minutes from the Vila Lumbung hotels where we stayed.
They have a chill area with lounge chairs and sunbeds by a big infinity pool by the ocean + different bars and resturants in separate areas of the club.

We went there on 2 occasions and tried two of their food places, one during the day for lunch (pictured above) and once during the night.

The lunch was delicious and the drinks were great as well + the view during the day is stunning with the ocean right in front of you.

At night we had a bunch of different meals to share along with wine, drinks and dessert, all of which tasted lovely and the night vibe is amazing! Great music, nice soft lights to set the vibe and the hot Bali weather paired with the palm trees illuminated by the lights made me feel more relaxed then ever before.

2. The Fat Turtle

img_2017 img_2192 img_2190 img_2034 img_2196

This is my top favorite place I’ve ever had breakfast I think. They have so many dishes to choose from and even after going 2-3 times we still had more to try (even though we ordered enough food for 5 people instead of 2 haha!)

They have both healthy and less healthy things to choose from and we got a mix of both each time – My sister went healthy of course and I got all the pancakes, waffles and french toast they had to offer! 😂

They also offer a bunch of different drinks like lemonade, ice tea, lattes and juice.

3. Kajin 

img_2180 img_2173 img_2172 img_2171 img_2177 img_2161

This was my FAVORITE dinner place out of the entire trip and of course it was on our last night so we only got to go there once.

I’m a person that do like sushi but I’m also very particular with what kind I like and where I get it from so I wasn’t expecting much from this place but OMG was I surprised. This was the best sushi of my life. 🙌

We ordered a bunch of different things to share like fried tuna, different rolls, edamame, seaweed salat and such and every single item tasted so delicious. I cannot recommend this place enough!

Not only is the food amazing but the place itself was so unique with the light bulbs all over the bar where we sat (pictured above), very limited seats and the restaurant is actually hidden on top of another place so you have to walk up this stairway half hidden away to find it. Super unique but such a great experience and the service there was great as well!

4. Sistersfield 


Now, this is a place I was super stoked to go to and so was my sister but it honestly wasn’t all that. People rave so hard about this place but I found most of what we tried to be pretty tasteless and disappointing to be honest. However, they did make some bomb ass Chipotle Chicken Tacos with corn chips and guacamole that I absolutely loved and had twice so I’ll include this place just for that one dish. 💁🏻

5.  Mad Pops


This is one of those places you just have to go to simply for an Instagram photo! 😂
They serve an abundance of different non-diary ice creams based on cold pressed coconuts and vegan popsicles made of locally sourced seasonal fruits with no preservatives or additives!

They have so many flavors to choose from; Mango coconut, avocado lime, key lime pie, salted caramel and everything possible in between.

If you guys want to see more of my trip you can watch my vlogs right here: PART 1 + PART 2 (Part 3 still isn’t up yet, sorry!)

Hope you enjoyed this quick Bali food guide, let me know what city I should do next!


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