I get a lot of questions about how I stay motivated and what makes me work harder and get out of bed early in the morning since I do work from home and have done so since I was only 19 years old.
Starting out as self-employed at 19 was hard but one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. It taught me to work hard for what I wanted and to get a strong sense of discipline work wise.
I definitely have phases where I work more than others as I, like most people, get in ruts where I just can’t seem to get creative or motivated to do the work I need to.

Over the past 2 years of working from home I’ve found a few ways to motivate myself everyday and make it easier for me to get my day started when what I really want is so lay down on the couch and watch netflix all day or go chill in the sun during warm summer days.

These are the following things that personally really help me stay motivated and get my ass to work every single day. 


Probably my biggest motivator of them all. I love traveling and I have so many places on my travel bucket list that I just can’t wait to go to so that always motivates me to get my ass back to work when slacking.
I’m currently in the process of booking everything for a girls trip in September to L.A. and Las vegas for 2 weeks and that has been motivating me a lot the past 2 months to make sure I have good savings for that trip so we can really let loose and have a crazy trip!
I also really want to travel before then so I’ve been working hard to save money for that as well (:

Things I want to buy

I like setting small materialistic goals for myself. I know some people don’t but for me it helps a lot. Whether it’s a plane ticket or a pair of new shoes that I want to buy, it just always gives me something to look forward to and work towards when I know I get to treat myself to something I’ve been wanting for a while if I work hard enough.
Right now it’s traveling, a lamp for my living room and some new Boohoo items that I’m looking forward to getting soon.

Starting another company from scratch

This is something I’d love to do one day in the future, but not anytime soon. I already have so much on my plate but one day I’d love to start a clothing company and design my own stuff which is obviously expensive and requires a big investment. I’d love to start with nice loungewear and tracksuits (Ya’ll know I love my joggers and hoodies) and comfy sneakers.
I’d also love to do swimwear and gym wear.

Seeing growth 

I’m a huge fan of tracking statistics like views, subs, followers, income, page views etc. and I love to monitor my monthly growth on my different socials to see if I’ve improved any of the numbers and decide what I’d like to grow next month.
I try not to set any goals for numbers like this because some things are just out of my control, especially after all the new algorithms on youtube and Instagram.

Good planners and calendars

This is a huge help for me as all the work I have to do can easily get overwhelming so having good planners definitely help keep me motivated and on track during the day.
I love having a monthly wall calendar to see all my deadlines, my events, meetings and personal plans as it helps keep a clear view of the month ahead.
I also have a planner for all my work ideas for my different platforms where I also track my statistics and income from each one to help me know what to focus more on and what I want to grow the following month.

I also use my ‘To do list in a book‘ every day to help me make a clear and structured schedule for the day which helps keep me on track and know what task to move on to after finishing one. I would highly recommend this one for anyone looking for a good ‘to do list’ planner.

I’m also looking at blog, youtube, income, deadlines etc. planners on etsy so once I decide which ones to get, I’ll do a full planner blog post for you all!

A good workspace 

This means the world. I’ve worked so much more the past 5 days in my new little offie in my beauty room than I have in a long time!
This is the brightest room in my house so stiting in here in my pink chair at my desk looking out my french doors to my garden has really motivated me to sit down and work.
I feel inspired in here and hearing the birds chipping away outside and feeling the sun on my face while writing/editing just makes my mood so much better.

Thinking about how lucky I am

Some days I’ll be grumpy and even going down to my studio in the basement or my battery dying mid filming will make me hate my job lol!
But then I think about how I used to stand up for 8-12 hours a day when working retail or as a waitress, about how customers treated me like shit and how bad the pay was (retail) or about how I had to wake up at 6 AM to go into the cold dark snowy weather during winter to spend 1+ hour to go to school and the limited freedom and bad work hours that I had.
And then I feel grateful and lucky to be able to work my own hours, work from home, go on vacation whenever I want and say ‘fuck work today’ and go spend it with my friends instead if I want to and then I love my job again and feel inspired to work harder to make sure I never have to go back to school or a job I hate ever again.

Making people around me and myself proud

Maybe a silly reason for some but it helps me. I love making myself and the people in my life proud of me and that always motivates me to work harder to make sure I get to do all the cool things and to live a life and be the person that makes people around me proud.

Thinking of the life I wish to have

I have big dreams and goals you guys and they ain’t cheap haha! So working hard is a must for me to live the life I truly dream of and that I’m currently living.
Traveling is expensive and that’s something I already do a lot and I want to do more of. I also want to move abroad at some point in my life for a a year or two so that will require a lot of hard work as well but it would be so worth it. I’d also love to do a collab with a brand one day as well and that would require me to grow my socials a lot since brands usually only collab with large influencers with millions of followers.
One day I’d also love to build my dream house! (:


–  Laura

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