Hey guys,

I get so many questions everyday but the most asked ones would be “What equipment do you use?”, “What cameras do you have?”, “What lighting is best?” and today I’m doing a post all about it!

I try to answer as many as possible but a lot get lost in the comments and I rarely check old videos and pictures so I thought I’d make a little guide with all the cameras, lighting, software etc. that I use for all my social media posts such as my vlogs, makeup tutorials, makeup selfies, product shots etc.

First up I want to make it clear that you do not need all this nor would I recommend you go out and invest in too many things in the beginning as 1. These things are pricey and 2. you might not want to do this after a little while and then you’ll have wasted a lot of money on nothing.

This job is not for everyone and it’s always a shame when people go out spending a lot of money thinking they need it all to start everything up, only to realize that they don’t actually like or want to film youtube videos or do instagram photos after all.  I’d recommend starting with a ringlight and a camera (whichever one suits your need best depending on what you want to use it for) and basic editing software like iMovie if you already have a Macbook.

Here’s what i personally use for everything and my thoughts on it all.


Ringlight –  Walimex Macro ring light 75W dimmable

I use this for my videos and photos and it was the first lighting I ever bought and for a long time it was the only light source I used for all my tutorials. It’s easy to move around, has a dimmable bulb and gives off quite a strong light.

Softboxes – 2 x 5 bulb lightboxes 
I have this one.

This is the second lightsource I’m currently using and I have a soft box on each side of the ringlight to brighten everything up more as the room I film in is quite large and needs more lighting.

The set I have also comes with a third box on a boom arm but I only use this when filming DIY’s from above.

I would recommend going for soft boxes with 4-5 bulbs in it and not 1, as the ones with 1 bulb has a very weak lighting and they won’t make much of a difference. I used 2 x 1 bulb boxes for a while and recently upgraded mine and the difference is huge!

Iphone clip-on ring light
I use this one

This is a lifesaver for iPhone photos in dim lighting and can be adjusted and dimmed according to how bright you want it. It clips onto the top of your phone and can be used for the front and back camera.


Canon eos 700D – 18-55 mm lens (standard) 

This is the first camera I bought for my social medias and I still love it years later. It has a flipscreen so you can see exactly where it’s pointing at, the autofocus is quite good and the standard lens has worked great for filming videos up close and further away.

I’m planning on upgrading my lens this year to something better but I think the 18-55mm that mine came with has been a great start for me and I’d highly recommend it as it’s super easy and simple to use and can be used for a lot of different things.

Canon powershot G7X mark II

This is a more recent purchase that I got for vlogging, traveling and to use out and about since my large canon camera was too heavy and big for that and I love this camera so much! It has a flipscreen so it’s great for vlogs and selfies, has a build in face smoother for selfies to make you look extra good without being too much, it’s small and compact and easy to carry around and the build in microphone is great for vlogs!

I’ve filmed IG videos on this as well so it can be used for makeup tutorials too with no problems. So if you want a camera to use for both traveling, makeup tutorials, vlogs, selfies and is purse size then this is great.

Apps and editing software


The app everyone uses for their IG pictures whether they admit it or not haha! This is the best app for smoothing out any fine lines, creases or blemishes as it’s not too much and still looks natural and is easy to use in smaller or larger spots.

This is also great for adding detail to your glitter eyeshadow if the lighting washed it out, to your sparkly earrings or choker or anything else that needs a bit more detail and attention.

This also has a defocus and blur tool to blur out the background of your photos which is great for selfies! (:

I also love the ‘S-curve’ filter under the ‘lighting’ tap under ‘filters’ – it add depth to the photo and helps bring it more to life.


This is the second photo app I have on my phone and I mainly use this for adding grain, texture, light leaks etc. to my pictures if that’s the look I’m going for. This is typically more for my lifestyle photos.


Don’t sleep on IG’s editing tools you guys! I mainly use IG to edit my pics and I love how easy it is to use and the results are great. I always adjust the contrast, saturation, warmth, shadows + highlights and sometimes I’ll use a bit of one of their filters.


The first editing program I used for my videos and used until last year I believe. This comes with all MacBooks so it’s a great free way to start if you already own one. If you don’t have a Macbook then you should be able to find a video editor on your computer or for free on google, however these free ones and iMovie are very basic and doesn’t have too many extra effects but they are great to start with.

Final Cut Pro x

This is what I’m currently using and I love how easy it is to use once I got a hang of it. The layout is great and the editing options are a lot more detailed than iMovie + I love that you can buy and add plugins to get even more cool effects.

This is quite pricey but a great investment if you know you want to step up your editing.

Final Cut Pro plugins 
I get mine here

To add extra features to your final cut you can buy plugins for extra titles, animations, introes, cinematic effects etc. There’s pretty much nothing you can’t buy and add on so you can customize your final cut to fit your needs and the prices aren’t too bad. I bought some intros and animations and they were around $30-40 per pack.


Flexible tripod
I use this one

This is a great vlogging tripod as it can be used pretty much anywhere. It can stand up, bend over, be wrapped around poles, handheld etc. You can use this for so many things and it has made vlogging so much easier for me.

Microphone for D700 camera

I currently use this one right here and it’s super easy to use, has decent quality and was very affordable.

Microphone for voiceovers

This is the microphone I plug into my computer when doing voiceovers on videos and I love it! I got it last month and it’s so easy to use an the quality is really good.

And I think that’s it you guys! This is all the stuff I use to create my content at the moment (:

I don’t own anything too crazy expensive or high quality to I think I do an okay job and I try to learn something new about cameras, lighting an editing as often as possible to better my self but it’s a complicated tech world haha!

I hope you found all of this helpful and that it gave some insight into how all these videos and pictures are created and maybe helped you figure out what you need to start your own channel.

Thank you for reading <3 


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