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Today I’m going to be reviewing and swatching the regular Too Faced Lip injection extreme and all 6 shades of the Glossy version.

These glosses are all lip plumpers that stimulates the blood in the lips to create a fuller plump pout while hydrating them at the same time. The Extreme version is clear while the Glossys are tinted.

The Lip Injection Extreme can be bought here for $28 and the Lip Injection Glossy can be bought here for $22 💕


unspecified-72My first impression of these were ‘OMG they’re gorgeous’ because I’m a packaging junkie and anything cute, I love!
The golden lids with the detailing around the top looks so stunning and I love clear glass tubes that shows the color of the product. I also love their fonts!

I really like the colors of these and liked how they made both nudes and “bolder” colors, although they’re so sheer that even the purple is very toned down.

As far as packaging and color selection, I’m really happy and they do what they claim to do – plump you lips and make them fuller; BUT that plumpness comes at a prize, because these are downwright painful for me to use. I don’t know if I just have sensitive lips or what, but the first 15 minutes of wearing these my lips and the skin around them burn and sting so bad that I can’t focus on anything else.

They also turn my lips very red so I personally can’t use the clear Extreme version just as a gloss, I need to cover my lips with lipstick afterwards to hide the redness + apply foundation/concealer around them to hide the mild irritation around my lip line.


Top to bottom:
Like a Boss / Babe Alert / Angel Kisses / Milkshake / Spice Girl / Let’s Flamingly / Extreme

These have an overall rating of 3.5-4 stars out of 5 on various sites and I understand why.
For me, I’d give these 2.5 stars because of the pain and redness I personally have experienced, but they do a great job at plumbing, have great colors and the texture is sticky enough to stay on the lips for a few hours without being too sticky and uncomfortable.
If you stick through the first 30-40 minutes the pain subsides to almost nothing and after that I only felt the burning again after removing the gloss which irritated my lips further. So if you can deal with intens burning for a little while in exchange for plump full lips, then give them a shot!

My personal favorite colors are: Milkshake, Spice girl and Angel kisses.

Have you tried these?


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