Hey guys,

2018 is here and we’ve officially left 2017 behind now and I cannot believe how fast it went by. 2017 was a rollercoaster and while it held some of the happiest moments of my life, it also had some of the saddest and hardest and it was a very emotionally draining year for me. Last year came with a lot of changes and hardships but also a lot of growth and traveling and by the end of it I was left feeling motivated and excited for 2018.

Right now, I’m happy to put 2017 behind me and move on to bigger and better things and I’m so curious to see where this year takes me and what I’ll accomplish and do. I’ve made a list of things I’d love to do this year and I thought I’d share some of them with you all and I’d love to hear yours down below (:

Get my drivers license.
I’m now 22 years old and I still don’t know how to drive… and I really regret not taking it at 18 and getting it over with as soon as I could. I’m terrified though and I’m scared I’ll chicken out again and not do it this year either but hopefully 2018 will be the year I finally learn it and won’t have to take the damn bus and train everywhere lol!

I probably won’t be able to top the amount I got to travel last year but I would love to go on a few trips and hopefully go somewhere new I haven’t been yet. I’d love to go to Thailand or Greece and my sister and I have also thought about going on a weekend city trip to a European city we haven’t visited yet to try something new . A friend and I have also decided to try to save up money to get to L.A. and Vegas in the fall for a girls trip and maybe some other friends if they can.

Get my ass to the gym.  
I’m that person that joins the gym every January sticks to it for 2 months and then don’t workout until next January.. Yup, that’s me.
BUT this year I really want to stick to it since I’m starting to feel the effects of not exercising, eating unhealthy and working from home all day so I really want to do it to get healthier and hopefully get more energy and feel better.
I also want a Bad B body so I’m going to need to go build a booty and some abs haha!

Cook more and eat better.
I’m really lazy when it comes to cooking and I can go basically a whole day without really eating anything but a few snacks which is super unhealthy and also leads to unwanted weight loss super fast so I really want to change that this year for good. 2017 was pretty good in this sense compared to how I used to be and I did gain a bit of weight so that was a success, however I can still do a lot better. So this year I want to cook more food, get more veggies and fruit and cut down on my sugar intake (I’m addicted for sure and I’m not happy about it).

Make money moves.
This is one of my biggest goals for 2018. Making moves in my career and doing all the things I wanted to do in 2017 that got sidetracked by all the personal stuff that went down. This year I want to focus on my career and build all my social platforms including this blog and new lifestyle youtube channel. I’m juggling a lot with Instagram, this blog + 2 youtube channels and some other projects I’m working on but I really believe I can finally make everything work and find the balance I want and need and I’m super excited about that.

So those were 5 of my goals for this year that I had to share with you all and I’m hopeful and determined to do my best to make it all happen.

What are some of yours? (: 


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