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 Today I’m going to swatch and review all 30 shades of the NYX professional makeup ‘Lip Lingerie’ liquid lipsticks. I got send this ‘Lip Lingerie vault’ from the NYX Nordics teams as a christmas present (Thank you guys!) and I wanted to put it to good use and swatch them all to help everyone out as 30 shades is A LOT of colors to choose from, so hopefully this will help find the shades you might want to get (:

I also did  lip swatch videos with all the ‘Soft matte lip creams‘ on my youtube channel + one for the ‘Liquid Suede‘ lipsticks so check them out if you want to see all those swatched on my lips!

 img_7805 img_7801

Now to start of with the basic info, this set retails for $65 on the NYX website but it’s sold out there, however they do sell it on for $78 where it’s still in stock.

The vault comes with all the original 24 shades + 6 new colors and the tubes contains 1.6 ml product.

The original full size lip lingeries can be bought here for $6.99 and have 3.8 ml product.



Now to the review part. These are, in my opinion, great affordable matte liquid lipsticks however they are on the drier side to make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before hand if you have dry lips. They last for hours on the lips with no touch ups needed and they’ve never crumbled or flaked off on my lips. I can typically re-apply these 2 times before they get cakey and I only need to re-apply after eating greasy food or 5+ hours after the first application.

Some of the colors may need 2 layers to eliminate any streaks but I’ve had to do that to high end liquid lipsticks as well and it’s not an issue as long as you use 2 very thin layers, that way it won’t build up and become too thick on the lips.

However, I would like to point out that these mini’s are not the same quality as the full size products. I used  about 15 full sized for the swatches for this post since I had them already and didn’t want to use the mini’s in those colors as I’d rather keep them unused and give away to friends, and the mini’s were noticeably harder to work with and applied more streaky and patchy than the full sizes. They had also separated a bit in the tube which meant the first swipe was very watery with clumps of pigment so I had to use the applicator to swirl around in the tube to mix the product together again. This is not an issue with the full sizes though (:

Here’s all the swatches
(in natural lighting)
img_7828-2 img_7821

Top picture: (Left to right)
honeymoon, embellishment, bustier, ruffle trim, beauty mark, push up, satin ribbon, bedtime flirt, corset, teddy, baby doll, exotisme, scandalous, confident &  cheekies

Bottom picture: (Left to right)
silk indulgent, seduction, cashmere silk, cabaret show, french maid, delicate lust, dusk to dawn, after hours, lace detail, tainted, lie to me, mesmerizing, mi amor, oui ready & raw emotion.

I hope you guys found this helpful! I’ll be doing more swatches & review soon (:


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