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Hey guys,

I recently got a bunch of stuff home that I ordered a little while ago and I thought I’d share it with you all.
I’ve been eating a lot better since the beginning of January and I’m making it my mission for 2017 to eat more daily (I used to eat way too little) and to eat healthier and get better things into my body so I ordered a bunch of things to help me with that 💕

The first things I ordered were more protein powder from Womens Best and an extra shaker. I’ve gone through one big tub of Vanilla powder during January and only have 1 other left in my cabinet so I figured it was time to get backups and try different flavors to see what I like the best. I ended up ordering 2 vegan proteins with chocolate and cookies & cream flavor and 2 whey proteins (I prefer vegan but they didn’t have as many flavors) in the flavors Banana and Cinnamon apple. The shipping was pretty expensive even though they ship from germany so that sucks, but the things were on sale when I ordered so it was still an okay price overall.

I’ve tried the chocolate, banana and cookies & creme flavor already and the chocolate is my favorite for sure. I didn’t like the Cookies & cream but maybe I’ll like it in a different type of shake. The banana was fine, nothing special about it but nothing bad either.

Please note that I mix these in Smoothies (700ml) and not with 300 ml water as stated and the flavors are still pretty strong, so I can imagine that in a small shake mixed with liquid only it might be too overpowering.

Next up I got some superfood and things in bulk that I always use but hate being in smaller expensive packages. I ordered these things off RealFoodSource on Amazon and delivery was pretty quick and their prices are much cheaper than in stores.

I got 1 liter of coconut oil, 1kg almonds, 1kg Quinoa, 1kg chia seeds and 500g of goji berries. 

I use the coconut oil for skin (not my face) and hair, food and smoothies, quinoa mainly in salads and Almonds + goji berries + chia seeds I put in my smoothies 💕


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