Day #2 of 3 days of christmas // Green glitter eyeliner

New favorite face brush

Skærmbillede 2015-12-23 kl. 03.19.16Hey Dolls!

If you read my blog post about my favorite face brushes, you probably remember me posting a link and a picture of the brush I wanted to try next which was this toothbrush looking face brush for 4 bucks.
I ordered it not long after and got it 2 weeks ago and OMG – It’s amazing!

Small enough to be used under the eyes for concealer + setting the under eyes, applying and buffing out highlighter, applying and blending cream + powder contour & bronzer… Even applying foundation!

I wasn’t expecting much since the brush was so cheap but I’m so so surprised! I’ve never been fan of doing cream contour and bronzing because I found it so hard to blend, but after getting this brush I’ve been doing it constantly!

You can get the brush right here with free worldwide shipping – I got mine after 10 days.

Let me know if you have this or if you want more videos using it!


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  • vicki

    Det vil være super med en video, hvor du viser, hvorledes denne kan anvendes?!

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Day #2 of 3 days of christmas // Green glitter eyeliner