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Hey guys,

Today I’m back with another ‘Top 5’ post and it’s going to be all about my favorite makeup primers. I have both high-end and drugstore products in my favorites so there should be something for everyone!

Primers are some of my favorite makeup products to buy and try out, since they can really make or break you whole base. I tend to lean towards hydrating and illuminating primers since I have quite dry and dull skin most of the time. I also like smoothing primers for my nose and cheeks sometimes 💕

Now let’s take a look at my Top 5’s!

  1. NYX ‘Hydra Touch’ primer. Retails for $13.99 right HERE.
    This is such an amazing primer and it’s from NYX which you guys know I absolutely love! This has a cooling and very hydrating effect on the skin but the watery gel-like consistency insures that it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on the skin. I have no issues with dry patches or dehydrated skin when I wear this under my makeup.
  2. NYX ‘Born to glow’ illuminating primer in #01 white. Retails for $13.99 right HERE.
    Another NYX primer on my list is this amazing illuminating primer that comes with a great price tag. This gives such a gorgeous glow to the skin that is especially amazing under a light-coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer where the luminous skin have a chance to really peek through.
  3. GOSH ‘Hydration’ primer plus+. Retails for $21 right HERE.
    This one is a Danish drugstore primer that leaves my skin feeling deeply hydrated and ready for makeup application. It has a thick almost silicone feel that also smooths out my skin and pores. I’ve noticed no creasing or cakiness while using this and my makeup slides right on with no problems.
  4. Too Faced ‘Hangover’ primer. Retails for $32 right HERE.
    My all-time favorite primer that I CANNOT live without. No primer has ever left my skin so soft and hydrated and kept my foundation on as long and as good looking as this one has. Definitely worth the price tag seeing how amazing this is + you only need a small amount for your whole face. I also use this under my eyes and it preps my under-eyes so well for concealer to ensure there’s no creasing or dryness.
  5. MAC ‘Natural Radiance’ primer in ‘yellow’. Retails for $42 right HERE.
    I’ve used this for about 2 years now and I’ll probably always have one of these in my collection. It hydrates and brightens the skin and the yellow helps cancel out my redness very softly. It also keeps my base on ALL DAY and prevent creasing and separation. I would highly recommend everyone to try this out. The price may be a bit expensive but you only use a tiny bit and there’s a lot of product in it!

And that was all 5 you guys, I hope you found some new products to try out! Let me know what your favorite primers are down below 💕

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