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Today I wanted to share my top 10 Youtubers as I always get so man questions about who I personally watch myself and who’s my favorite! These are the top 10 I though of immediately that I watch at the moment ♡

Nitraa B + Nitraab TV

This lovely gal has been my favorite for yearsssss! She’s the first Youtuber I started watching and I’m still obsessed with her! Anitra is a lifestyle/beauty influencer who does a mix of mommy vids, makeup tutorials, hauls, vlogs, home videos (my fave!) and routine vids. She has an amazing bubbly, sassy and down to earth personality and I just always have a smile on my face when watching her. She and her hubby and lil’ baby boy recently got a brand new home and I’m so stocked for her future home videos ♡

Lustrelux aka @Katy

Katy is another one I’ve been watching for years now, I literally remember watching her back before she even moved to L.A. and had only recently started her channel. Her personality and wits drew me in real quick and it’s been amazing watching her grow over the past few years and I can’t wait to see what else she’ll do! She does mainly beauty videos with a few vlogs every once in a while (we need more, tysm!) and her and Desi’s friendship is always so amazing to watch! BFF goals for sure!

Desi Perkins + The Perkins

Desi is another beauty guru that I watch (I’m usually not into makeup tuts much anymore) but her fun personality and amazing makeup skills always have me watching + her snapchats are hilarious! She also has a vlogging channel with her Husband (The perkins) and I looooove watching their vlogs when they travel, it’s almost like watching a movie!

Patricia Bright

My girl patricia just had to be on here because she has me dying in every damn video she posts. I don’t know how this girl comes up with the stuff she says and uses to describe outfits and looks but I live for it! Who else can’t stop thinking or saying ‘Nipples to the wind’ after watching her try-on hauls!?
She’s has such an amazing personality and she always puts me in a good mood when she posts a new video. She does a mix of everything; makeup, skincare, fashion, lifestyle + vlogging.


I’m not that into family vloggers usually but I’ve been watching keren and Khoa for a while now along with OKbaby and I love that I always have a new video everyday to just chill and eat breakfast to. They’re super sweet and their vlogs are always a good mix of everything and it’s fun to see how their daily life is with 2 kids (soon to be 3) in sunny Florida since it’s the opposite of my life lol! I love kerens humor and her personal channel is amazing as well!

Tammy Hembrow 

Do I have to say anything about her? I mean, she’s a total babe, she’s the definition of Girlboss, a super mom and her life is just goals in general. She’s such a sweet and calm girl which I love – I’m not into the whole ‘high pitched screaming voice, over the top loud excitement over everything, super preppy fake positivity 24/7’ type of youtubers which there’s a lot of so Tammy is my kind of gal.
She has two cute little kids, a beautiful home, a super succesful business and she posts videos about everything from beauty to fashion to fitness to blogs (:

Carli Bybel

Everybody and their mama knows Carli haha, but I love her and have been watching her for years now.  She has such a sweet and kind personality and she makes amazing videos about beauty and fashion and the occasional vlogs (more please!) and she’s a total cat mom which makes me love her even more!


Meg is an OG as well and I remember watching her beauty videos years ago and last year or the year before that I found her vlog channel and have been watching since. I love that her vlogs are just daily everyday life and how chill they are and the fact that she just keeps shit real and doesn’t fake anything for the camera. She seems like such a sweet girl and I always enjoy her videos! She get’s an extreme amount of hate for absolutely no reason other than the fact that people think they know shit when they don’t, which always make me so sad for her but also super angry. The things people have the nerves to comment on her videos is just insane!

Jackie Aina

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackieeee ayyyyeee! Another fabulous beauty guru who keeps things real, doesn’t hold back on the tea but also doesn’t start unnecessary drama – my kind of girl! I love her humor and sassines and she does bomb af makeup looks! Definitely one to watch if you’re into makeup and hasn’t seen her videos yet.


Tyme was the second youtuber I started watching after Anitra and I have been watching her videos for so many years now! I love that she’s so different from everybody else and isn’t afraid to go all out with her hair, makeup and outfits. She’s a real life colorful barbie and I’m so here for it! She hasn’t been active much the past year but she just announced on snap that she’s making a comeback so I’m super stoked!

What’s yours? Let me know! 




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