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Today I’m going to be sharing my top 10 all time favorite face masks with you. As you know by know, I’m obsessed with skincare, way more than makeup, and I’m always trying out new products for my skin.

These masks are some I’ve used a lot over either the past year or the past month or two. Some became favorites instantly and others had to be tested over and over again until the longterm effects showed and made me happy enough to include it as a favorite.

I have A LOT of face masks so it was hard to choose but these are the ones I use the most, love the results of and automatically reach for. I didn’t include any korean skincare products in this but I will be doing blog posts about that at another time.

For reference I have dry, sensitive and acne prone skin and these work amazingly for me, but a lot of them will be great for oily skin as well since oily skin needs moisture too and I do have some mud masks in here that ar great for oily skin as well.

Masks are not in order of favorites. 

#1 – The Body Shop ‘Himalayan Charcoal purifying glow mask’

This is a classic mud mask that really draws out all impurities and tightens your pores and it’s infused with green tea leaves and tea tree oil which is great against breakouts.
I’ve noticed less breakouts and blackheads while using this and my pores are tighter after use.
This one is extremely drying like most mud masks so I always follow this up with a face mist and heavy moisturizer or a moisture mask.
I use masks like this once or twice a week, no more as it’s too drying.

#2 – Peter Thomas Roth ‘ Irish Moor Mud purifying black mask’ 

Another mud mask but this one is a lot different than the regular ones. This doesn’t dry but instead it stays wet and also hydrates the skin!? Such a unique mask!
This is infused with irish moor mud which has the highest level of organic content in the world, vitamins, minerals, volcano ash, activated charcoal and antioxidants and it draws out all the oil and dirt in your skin to keep it clean, while also infusing it with moisture to hydrate. This has done wonders for my skin in the 5 months I’ve used it. Prevented breakouts, minimized fine lines and hydrated it deeply.

#3 – The Body Shop – Amazonian Acai energizing radiance mask’ 

This one is full of antioxidants and vitamin C to brighten, renew and strengthen your skin. It leaves the skin a lot softer, less fine lines and more “awake” looking + it gives a great glow. This one is painful to wear though in my opinion, it burns like hell!

#4 – Origins ‘GinZing peel off mask’ 

This is another pore cleaning mask and this one is hella good at what it does. This clears out all you pores and shrinks them + it helps with dull skin. This one has alcohol in it so my eyes always water and burn when I first apply it to my t-zone and it does hurt a bit to remove since it’s a peel off, but it does a great job!

#5 – Peter Thomas Roth ‘Cucumber gel mask’ 

Peter Thomas Roth is my personal favorite when it comes to skincare as you’ll see on this list and this mask is one of the reason why. This mask has am extremely cooling gel texture that helps hydrate, soothe and detoxify tired and sensitive skin. It’s also great for irritated skin after sun, waxing, facials etc.
My skin is always so soft and calm after using this mask and I love using it after drying mud masks to help calm and hydrate the skin after the mud has worked its wonder.

#6 – Mixnature ‘dry skin face mask’ 

This is a mask I ‘mixed’ myself and I don’t quite remember what I added but I did choose the ‘dry skin’ base for the mask. If you haven’t heard about Mix Nature before then it’s a European brand that lets you mix your own skin/body/hair care and they make amazing products!
I always have the most hydrated skin after this mask and it leaves it soft for days!

#7 – Peter Thomas Roth ’24k gold mask’

Now this is probably my favorite out of all. This 24k gold mask is so luxurious and it leave you skin extremely hydrated and with the most amazing glow! It smooths out fine lines and leave the skin brighter and firmer immediately. This is for sure a winner, especially in the anti-aging category!

#8 – Peter Tomas Roth ‘Rose stem cell bio-repair mask’

Yet another mask from PTR and this is the first one I ever tried from him and the one that got me hooked!
This is full of rose stem cell and rose extracts to help firm, smooth and hydrate and my skin is left super smooth, soft, glowy and bright.

#9 – Alba beauty ‘Aloe vera’ sheet mask

Now this isn’t from a particular brand so to speak, it’s sold in a discount store called ‘Normal’ in Denmark, and I was a bit skeptical at first since it didn’t have a specific brand name on it but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out. These comes in 4 different styles and this Aloe vera one is so soothing and nourishing for the skin. I stocked up on this and I’ve been using it a lot lately and my skin has a lot more moisture and it’s a lot calmer and less red after using this.

#10 – Alba beauty ‘white tea’ sheet mask

This is another one from ‘Normal’ and this one is full of White tea to help brighten, puffery and refresh your skin and love how bright and clean this leaves me. Inexpensive but super impressive!

Those were my Top 1o’s, what’s yours?


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