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If you follow me on IG or Snapchat then you already know I went to Olso, Norway on Wednesday/Thursday with NYX Nordics for their annual halloween party and you’ve probably seen all the crazy snaps from the party but I wanted to do a quick blog post about the trip before I finish up and post my vlog.

They invited a bunch of us influencers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Greenland to join them for their #getlithalloween party in Oslo and I got to hang out with so many amazing people that I rarely get to see so I love how they bring us all together for these fun trips and event. It’s no nice to get to see your friends and meet new people with the same love and passion for makeup as you.

My trip started at 6:45 when I jumped in a taxi to the airport so I could meet up with everyone else at 7:15 before our flight took off for Olso at 9. I’ve only been to Norway once when I was a kid so I was excited to go there again even though I’d only get to see a brief glimpse of the country since it was a one-night trip only.

The views to and from Oslo from the airport was so beautiful with all the nature around us and the part of Oslo we got to see was really nice as well. I really want to go back and explore Norway for sure!


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We stayed at ‘The Thief’ which was a really nice hotel, much fancier than when I travel by myself haha! We had a huuuuge bed with the comfiest fluffiest pillows I’ve ever tried and the view over the habour was breathtaking in the morning with all the fog over the water. They also made our rooms ready for bedtime while we were gone at the party so when I got to my room at 1:30 I freaked out because the curtains were drawn, the throw pillows were removed and my shoes had been moved around haha! I though someone was in there so I had to go knock on some of the other girls door and ask if someone had been in their rooms as well, which they had. They though i was crazy haha, I’m so paranoid when it comes to hotel rooms. It was so sweet of them though, they even left hot water and night time tea for us.



The party itself was amazing! I did a quick skull makeup look with some smokey sparkly eyes and paired it with this skeleton jumpsuit from Nelly & Boots from Isawitfirst.

The venue was so beautiful and fully decorated for the Halloween party of the year! Crazy people hiding in the elevators to scare us, “bodies” on the ground, flashing lights and dicsoballs, makeup everywhere and delicious drinks and food.

The DJ was ah-mazing and I even ended up dancing half the night away while fully sober which I never do! (can’t drink while on my meds for the cat bite)

My favorite part of the night was the fact that their had a photo room with a professional photographer to take pictures of everyones look! Such a nice idea and a great way to have a memory of the night to always look back at (:

Thursday morning we all had breakfast and then chilled for a while before heading to the airport to go back home to our separate countries. I went for a walk at the habour with my favorite girl Natascha, who I was sooo excited to finally hang out with again! We took some pictures, enjoyed the view and then hung out at a local coffee shop with some coffee, hot chocolate and cake before joining the others for the airport.

It was such a fun trip despite me having had a very draining start of the week and I’m so glad I went on it. I got to meet so many amazing new people, hang out with old friends and have a blast at the party.

Besides, now I can add a 7th trip and a new city to my 2017 travel list 😀

Stay tuned for the vlog, it’s coming tomorrow!


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