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Hi guys,

As you’ve probably noticed in my last youtube videos I’ve had fuller, longer and darker lashes and a lot of you have asked me HOW?!

The answer? LASH EXTENSIONS! I finally tried extension and OMG I am in love!

I get mine done by the amazing Line from Flawless CPH located at:

Skindergade 24 1. Th.

1159 copenhagen.

Check her out here:


I’ve gotten my lashes done twice now and both times have been such a great experience. The process is painfree and actually quite relaxing!

My lashes looked amazing for so so long and they still looked great when I went to get a fill after 25 days!

I get a length thats only 1-2 mm longer than my own and without too much curl – and that is the trick if you wanna be able to wear false lashes with them.
Too long and curled extension will push the falsies up and make it almost impossible to get them to stick so keep that in mind if you still want to be able to wear falsies like me sometimes (:

I use an oil free makeup remover to remove my makeup and never actually rub the remover on my lash extensions but only on my lid, lower lash line and then with a q tip I run the remover along the top lash line.

I also rinse them in the shower, clean the lash line with q tips daly and brush them once or twice a day with a clean spoolie!
A great mascara to use on your bottom lashes + on the extension if needed close to a fill appointment I recommend the PONI white knight mascara as it dissolves with water and is gentle on the lashes.

I’m so in love with my lashes and Line’s work and I cannot recommend her enough! 


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  • Dear Laura,
    first things first: I love your lashes! Even without false lashes your make-up looks amazing. I hope I can find someone here in Germany who does such amazing lashes like yours. Thanks for your tricks and Tips.

    Beside your YouTube Channel I’m also lovin your Blog. Do you have any advice for growing a blog. I feel like I’m stuck with mine. Maybe this is an idea for a new vidoe, maybe there are more than me who would love to know this.

    However, I’m excited for more blogposts and video.

    Cheers! 🙂


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