Hey guys, 
Today I wanted to make a quick list of the 5 easy ways I have productive days while working from home. These can apply to anyone whether you work from home, at an office or go to school etc.
I try to stick to these on the days I have a lot to do but I’m really trying to get into a good routine where this is my daily life since I really want to be more productive and better at using my time and reaching my full potential.
It’s just damn hard sometimes lol, I just want to sleep and chill :p

  1. Wake up early, but not too early!
    This one can be a bit tough and it’s very different from each person when that wakeup time is but I find that waking up early makes me more motivated and productive since the day starts so early and I feel like I have so much time! This is especially during the winter months here in Denmark where it doesn’t get light outside until 8 AM and the sun sets at 4:20 PM (at the moment) because it feels like the days are so short and at 5 PM it’s pitch black outside and feels like bedtime.
    I can’t however wake up too early or it’ll have the opposite effect as I’ll be feeling exhausted and sluggish all day. Look at what time you went to bed and try to get 7-8 hours of sleep to feel ready for the next day.
    I’ve started going to bed at 11 pm and setting m alarm til 7 AM. If i had a hard time falling asleep, I’ll sleep til 7:30 or 8 if it’s really bad since I know getting up after 5 hours of sleep will have me drained the whole day.
    I do however hope to get up at 7 AM everyday soon, it just takes some adjusting and working from home it’s really hard to drag your ass out of bed knowing there’s no boss waiting for you to get to work on time.
  2. Have a good breakfast! 
    This one is so important and one that I feel like many people skip, which I’d highly recommend you don’t because your body needs the food to get started and going during the day.
    I personally can’t eat right when I wake up so I start off by having a cup of tea, chai latte, hot chocolate etc. or a glass of cold water with ice and cucumbers to wake me up while I check my mails and phone.
    Once I’ve had about 10 minutes to wake up I’ll go make some breakfast and it varies a lot by the day what I eat. I’m not the healthiest, we all know that haha, so I’ll usually have some cereal, yoghurt with granola or some bread but on the days where I feel a bit more awake I’ll sometimes do different smoothies and cut up fruit on the side OR I’ll have a quick bite of bread or cereal at first and then an hour or two later I’ll make my second breakfast as a smoothie.
  3. Make a to-do list or schedule for the day.
    This is what I also do first ting in the morning while having my breakfast or morning tea (or whatever I’m having that day) and it just really helps me set the “mood” of the day and gives me a clear vision of what needs to be done and when.
    I usually write everything down, even the small things like clean the litter box, take out the trash, make bed etc. because every time I cross something off the list, no matter how small a thing, it makes me feel accomplished and ready for a new task.
    List your tasks in order of whats most important and don’t write too much down if you know you won’t get it done – that will demotivate you and make you feel stressed out.
    I usually have 5 work related things like film haul, edit IG video, write blog posts etc. which is at my top of the list and is what I try to do first and 5 non-work related things like clean bathroom, vacuum etc. that I try to do once my work for the day is done.
  4.  Try not to take too many breaks between your tasks.
    This is a mistake I do A LOT! I’ll be like ‘oh just 10 minutes while I snack’ or ‘let me just lay down for 5 minutes’ – just don’t… don’t!
    It’s a trap and you’ll get stuck on the couch for 3 hours doing nothing lol!
    I try to take one longer break where I make some delicious lunch and find some youtube videos or a new episode of a tv show to watch and then I relax, eat and watch my show or videos for a set period of time before I get back to work.
    I usually say 30 minutes but if it’s a longer TV show I’ll give myself a 45 minute break to watch the whole episode because I know myself and I’ll be wondering about the rest of the episode for the entire day if I don’t finish it haha.
  5. Time block and no distractions.
    Timeblocking is when you ‘block out’ a time to do a certain thing on your list. Let’s say I have to film a makeup tutorial, I will block out 1 hour of my day for that task  in which I film my makeup tutorial and do nothing else. No checking IG, no checking emails, making snacks – nothing but filming and completing that task.
    You can apply this to all tasks no matter what you do or where you work and it helps you get down to business, not get distracted and manage your time better.
    I’m currently looking for good time blocking apps or tips/tricks to help me manage everything better as that’s something I’m really working on.
    By 2018 I really want to have it all figured out so I can start each morning by making my full daily schedule with time blocks.

I hope you found this a bit helpful and got little insight into what I do daily when working from home. I might do a youtube video on this or another more in-depth blog post about time management and such later on (: 


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