Hey guys,

Since it’s so gloomy today I figured I wanted to share my current favorite tv-shows that I’m just a taaaad bit obsessed with at the moment.

I’m a tv-show fanatic, everyone who knows me knows this. I’m always watching something, waiting for something to return or looking for something new to watch and I figured if some of you are like that as well, this would be helpful for you.

My current favorites:

Riverdale (duh)

I know, I know… everyone and their mama is watching this but it’s for a damn good reason! I actually didn’t start watching this until last month  when I was stuck on plane for 8 hours to NYC and had nothing else to watch but the first episode of this show and I was hooked immediately! I’d heard a lot about it but for some reason it never really caught my attention until I actually saw the first episode. Now I eagerly awaits thursday morning every week when I can sit and watch the new episode while having my breakfast and morning tea.
Also, Jughead is my faaaave! Who’s yours?


This is a new show that started airing a few weeks ago and I’m so obsessed with it even though it’s so overly dramatic and insane haha! It’s a classic CW show with lots of drama, romance, girl fights, super rich people in giant mansions… you get the idea.
I watch it with my sister every week and I’m always looking forward to see what crazy stuff happens next.


This is also a show I started recently, I watched the first 2 seasons in a few weeks and I was so stoked for the return of the new season this month. However, I’m still waiting for my future hubby (aka. Chris Wood) to return to the show so so far I’m not the biggest fan of season 3. I mean, come on – bring him baaaack. I need me some eye candy.
It’s still a great show without him though with tons of villains, bad ass women, some romance and drama and of course  aliens.

Modern family

Probably my favorite show to watch. I’ve seen all the seasons at least twice and I’ll gladly re-watch them again haha. I love the humor and crazy family in this show and it always puts me in a good mood. My Fridays are always spend watching the new Modern family episode while having lunch or dinner.

Sex and the city

An oldie but a goodie. I recently started re-watching SATC since I never saw all the episodes and always just watched random seasons and whatever episode my sister was watching on tv at the moment and it’s even better now that I’m older! if you haven’t watched it because you, like me, were quite young when it came out then I’ll highly recommend you start it now!

Those are the TV-shows I’m currently watching you guys, I hope you found some inspo on what shows to start next if you haven’t already seen them! I’ll be doing an “All time favorite tv shows” very soon as well <3


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