Hey Dolls, today I’m going to be sharing my favorite face cleansers and makeup removers with you all. I rarely ever use makeup wipes since they’re so bad for you skin so finding good cleansers has been a mission of mine for the past year or so and I finally found my holy grails! One is a milky cleanser, another a balm-to-oil, one is a micellar water and the last is a gel, so I have quite a few different textures and formulars.
I use all of them directly on top of makeup to dissolve it before using a face cloth with warm water to wipe it off or on a clean face to cleanse again after removing makeup or on no makeup days.

Note: The only one I use on my eyes is the Micellar water, not the others, and I don’t use waterproof makeup. In case I have stubborn eye makeup like a bad mascara or lash glue I’ll use the Sephora waterproof makeup remover but I tend to avoid all products with oils on my eyes. 


#1 Peter Thomas Roth – Rose stem cell bio-repair cleansing gel. Get it here.
This is one of my favorite cleanser from my favorite skincare brand! It leaves the skin super clean feeling with no makeup or dirt and the hyaluronic acid in it gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. This has a thick honey like texture that is easiest to rinse off with a warm face cloth. I use this about 3 times a week.

#2 Clinique Take the day off cleansing milk. Get it here.
I recently got this and it has quickly become a favorite of mine due to how creamy and milky it is. I love how it removes my makeup while still keeping my skin hydrated and soft. I always remove this with a face cloth and typically always double cleanse twice with this.

#3 B. Pure 3-in-1 Micellar water. Get it here.
I’ve had this one for about a year and I’m so in love with it. Now this is a toner too, but I only use it for makeup removal – both eyes and skin. It’s one of the few makeup removers that doesn’t irritate my eyes so this is the only one I use on my eyes on a daily basis and it does a great job at removing mascara and eyeliner. I sometimes use this to remove base makeup as well on a cotton pad before I then cleanse with some of the either cleanser mentioned if I’m in a hurry.

#4 Pixi nourishing cleansing balm. Get it here.

This is a new one as well but already favorite one. This is a balm-to-oil cleanser that I apply straight to my makeup and then massage it around until all makeup has been dissolved into the oil, then I wipe i off with my face cloth and typically double cleanse again. I also love this on no makeup days to cleanse but still hydrate my skin as this has sweet almond oil and cocoa butter in it.

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What’s you favorite cleanser? Let me know!



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