Soft cut crease & red lips ft. NYX (YT video)

My promo codes for you guys ♡


Hey guys!

So a lot of you have been asking for a full list of all my promo codes that I have for you guys, so I thought I’d do a little blogpost with all of them together so you can see what brands I have codes for and how much discount you can get.

I do have a list at the bottom of my youtube video descriptions as well but I guess nobody reads all of that haha 😀

Below you have the list of all the brands with a direct link, the code and how much you can save.
I am currently in the process of getting a code for Morphe Brushes for you guys as well (:

Current list:

75% off Vanity Planet ultimate skin spa brush – ‘SpinLL’

66% off vanity planet Pure spin brush – ‘LauraPure’

15% off – ‘LAURAXO’

15% off – ‘LAURA15′

30% off – ‘LAURA30’

25% off – ‘LIPSTICK’

25% off – ‘LAURALETH’

65% off – ‘LIPSTICK’

20% off Royal & Langnickel brushes – ‘LAURA20′

Enjoy your shopping! <3 


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Soft cut crease & red lips ft. NYX (YT video)