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If you follow my vlog channel you’ve seen me mention these when my package with them first arrived back in december but after taking them for about a month and a half now I thought it was time to do a more ‘in depth’ post about what I take and why and whether or not I feel a difference yet.

All the following vitamins are from a brand called ‘Nu U Nutrition‘ that I found on Amazon while browsing through hundreds of vitamins to figure out what brand to get and after reading all the good reviews I decided for these ones. The prices are very good and they all have between 3-12 months supplies of pills depending on how many you take ♡

Omega 3 Fish oil – 365 capsules – £15.97 

These are the ones I was recommended to take for the longest time from both doctors and family since I have bad joints in most of my body so they were the first to be added to my cart. These say to take 1-3 per day so ideally I would love to do 3 a day but these are pretty large pills so sometimes I only manage 1 or 2. The outside of the capsule is super smooth though so they slip right down with no problems and there’s no taste when taking them. I do however tend to get a gross aftertaste sometimes where I get fish taste that I’ve heard quite a few talk about, it only lasts for a few second though.

These I got to help with my joints (as they’re anti-inflammatory) and improve my heart health.

Read more about the benefits here

I’ve noticed less pains at night after taking these however I can’t say 100% that it’s thanks to the pills but I’m hoping it is so it’ll continue to get better the next months (:
I’ve also noticed my skin is less dry after taking these!

Daily Multi vitamins – 365 tablets – £16.97

These multivitamins have tons of different minerals and vitamins in them and they seem to have pretty much everything I need in here and the reviews were great so these were the next I added to my cart. I’ve always lacked vitamins I think since I don’t always eat the healthiest so it was important for me to find some good multivitamins to supplement my food intake with.

These I take 1-2 of per day and I’ve been feeling better since I’ve been taking them! More energy during the day (unless I work out) and I just love knowing that I’m giving my body some good stuff every morning when I take them.

I might start supplementing these with extra magnesium and Vitamin D I think.

Organic Turmeric and Curcumin – 365 capsules – £19.97

These were the ones I was most excited about as Turmeric and curcumin has so many amazing benefits for the body and brain! I have an article right here explaining 10 proven health benefits for you to read if you’re interested as it’s just too much for me to write myself.

I had to get these ones I saw they also helped with inflammation pains but once I started researching and found out they could help increase the antioxidant capacity in the body, lower risk of heart disease and possible help prevent cancer and brain diseases I was SOLD!

I currently take 1 of these per day but I might ask my doctor if it’ll be okay to take 2 as it says to consult a professional before taking more.

Maca Root – 18o capsules – £14.97

Maca is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids (20 different kinds) and antioxidants and that alone as enough for me to be like, I need those in my body! After more research I found that Maca is good for physical and mental energy and could help with fatigue so I immediately added them to my cart since that’s my number one issue in my daily life. I’m always tired and never have any energy!

You can find more benefits here.

I take 2 of these everyday but I would highly recommend starting with 1 as I had so much trouble sleeping the first 3 weeks of taking them since they gave my body such an energy boots that lasted until I had to sleep so definitely start with one and allow you body to get used to it before adding another pill so you won’t have sleep trouble like I did!
I do feel these give me a good boost and I’ve been feeling less tired since taking them. On the days I forget to take them I tend to crash around 3-4 and be nap ready however when I take them I tend to have more energy and crash less (:

And those are the ones I’m currently taking guys! 
 I’m also thinking of buying the following ones and adding them to my routine: 

(Hair & nail supplement)

(Can help sleep disorders/insominia, anxiety & depression and headaches)

Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and zinc

Activated Charcoal 

Do you guys take supplements? If yes, which ones? ♡


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