How to: Double twist + braids (YT video)

Meeting Kat Von D + My goodie bag

Hi Babes,

Today I’m gonna do a little blogpost about the Kat Von D event i attended last month for the Kat Von D Beauty launch in Sephora in Denmark.

I got the chance to sit down and ask her a few questions, get a few pictures and I got also an amazing goodie bag full of her amazing products!

The event was so much fun even though I was so nervous and my anxiety was acting up. The girls at 9PR who invited me were super sweet as always and Kat and her team were all so sweet, easy going and seemed really excited to be there. (80 of 192)Mid-Talking and fixing my boots but whatever – It’s me and kat in the same picture haha! (85 of 192)Isn’t she gorgeous!? 

I got the chance to sit down with Kat and ask her a few questions about the brand and her, and learned some of the following things:

  • She can’t pick a favorite product of hers. (Who can haha?)
  • She loves red lipstick and thinks they’ve created some of the best red formulas out there. (I have to agree. Outlaw is a new favorite of mine for sure!)
  • She loves the tattoo eyeliner as much as I do, which is a lot!
  • She loves Too Faced and has for a long time. She loves their products, especially the Bon Bons palette and the fact that it smells like chocolate and she’s a huge fan of their ethical approach to being cruelty free and not selling in china.
  • She’s involved completely in every process of her brand. From having an idea in her heard to turning it into a real product. That includes packaging, colors, formulars, names etc. She’s far from a regular “celeb” who just puts her name on a product and calls it theirs. (Another reason I love her and her brand!)
  • They’re still working on turning Kat Von D beauty 100% vegan without compromising the quality and formulas. As of now about 98% of the line is vegan which is pretty amazing if you ask me.
  • She hates when her scarf smears her makeup during winter as much as the rest of us do and recommends using liquid lipsticks to keep lipstick in place and prevent it from transferring even when bundled up like a burrito in this freezing weather. (Random fact, I know, but it made me like her even more)
  • She comes up with every single name for her products herself, inspired by people she knows or look up to.
  • She guessed my lipstick the minute I stepped in the door, so she knows her products pretty damn well haha!

After the interview we had some pictures taken, she signed my Shade & light palette and I got a bag full of Kat Von D Beauty goodies!

IMG_7151 (3 of 192)

In my goodie bag:
(Also included in a haul video with mini reviews that’ll be up on my channel soon)

Lock it Foundation #42
Trooper eyeliner
Nerdrum ink liner
Shade + Light eye palette (New favorite!)
Chrysalis eyeshadow palette
Outlaw liquid lipstick
LUV, Coven and Lolita studded kiss lipstick
Shade and light eye brush

After the event I went down to the new Kat Von D counter and bought the ‘Agatha’ studded kiss lipstick + ‘Susperia’ liquid lipstick – I just HAD to own those 😀

It was such a fun event and the new Kat Von D counter in Sephora is gorgeous. If you’re ever in Copenhagen make sure to check it out! I know for sure I’m gonna have to get some more products soon. I already know I need more liquid lipsticks, studded kiss lipsticks and eyeliners!

I’m also thinking about getting her contour palette. Have you tried it?


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