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Today I’m going to review the new Limecrime ‘Plushies’ and swatch all 12 shades for you.

These were released mid January so they’re pretty new and I actually did a full lip swatch video of all 12 shades on my IG – check it out right here .

These are available on right here and retail for $20 and also on Cultbeauty right here for £15 for UK/EU buyers ☺ 

This is the description they offer about the Plushies on the Limecrime website:

“Soft focus, non-opaque lip veil. Long-wearing formula dries down completely for a smudge-proof finish. For best results, exfoliate lips & apply lip balm prior to application. Apply Plushies and once dry, pat down with a finger for maximum plush. Looks great with lip liner and under lip gloss.

What it does: Makes your lips look soft and plushy. Enhances your natural lip color.

What it won’t do: Make your lips look harsh or overdone. Rub off prematurely or dry out your lips. Flake or peel.”


The Plushies are a brand new formular to Limecrime who are known for their ‘velvetines’ that gives a super matte rose petal like finish and their super sparkly  ‘Diamond crushers’ lip toppers , and these new ones are quite different from those. The Plushies are described as a “Velvety matte, soft-focus formula that enhances your natural lip colour with touch-proof, hassle-free, all-day wear (it’s so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it) and it’s infused with an irresistible candied blackberry scent.”
These almost remind me of a lip tint as they’re very thin and sheer and they dry down completely and ‘stain’ you lips like a lip stain does (they wash off though). They’re lightweight and thin on the lips and doesn’t transfer or smudge at all + they don’t dry out or crumble on the lips.


The colors are not opaque and has a sheer finish so even the darkest colors will allow a little bit of your lips to shine through and therefor mute the color a bit, so they all seem more ‘wearable’ than a fully opaque ‘velvetine’ in the same color would be. Like I said above, these are very thin and stain-like so you only need a tiny bit off this to cover your entire lips and leave them with a nice wash off color. The nude light colors really gives a ‘your lips, but better’ effect while feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all.


The applicator is a soft doe-foot which is what I prefer in my lipsticks as I feel they create less streaks and it’s easy to get a precise application without a lipliner so thumbs up for that!
And can we talk about that packaging for a sec!? I mean come on! The teddy bears on the lids are just too cute and I love the ‘chunky’ tubes! The font is also gorgeous and I love the soft pink color and see-through glass!
5/5 for packaging for sure! ♡


Here are the swatches off all 12 shades of the Plushies and as you can see they come in a big variety of colors, from light nudes to pinks to purples to darks.

The darker shades seem a bit ‘patchy’ when swatched on the arm which I’ve seen on several posts, but they don’t look like that on the lips at all which you can see in my Instagram lip swatch video. I think they look more streaky on the arm since I couldn’t spred the products as much as on the lips since I wanted a neat swatch – on the lips however they spread out evenly and give an even thin layer of color.

My favorites are ‘Jam’, ‘Milk tea’ and ‘marmalade’ What’s yours? ♡


And that’s all I have to say about these new lippies, hopefully you enjoyed it and found the swatches and review helpful. I’ll do more lipstick swatches and reviews in February, I have so many to hare with you all ☺

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