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Today I wanted to do a post about the questions I get asked the most, “How do you make a living off social media?”

This is a question I get a lot both on my different social medias from my followers but also from family and friends who don’t quite understand how I’m able to work from home and do social media full time without having a “real job” on the side.

I personally had my last day at my “real job” back in August 2015 when I was only 19 years old and have been doing this full time ever since and I’ve learned a lot since then!

There’s quite a few different ways to earn money as an influencer but the top 3 main income sources are the following:


This is probably for most influencer the biggest source of income I’d imagine and also the one most people know about already. A sponsorship can be done in a lot of different ways and for lots of different content on different platforms but what makes it a sponsorship is that the company is paying your for a certain amount of posts regarding their products.
Let’s say a brand has a lipstick and they want you to post 3 IG pictures with it for X amount of money – those would be sponsored posts. The amount of payment obviously vary by how large your following and engagement is.
Some sponsorships are short term with only 1 IG pic and nothing else, while others can last up to a year with x amount of posts each month.

Sponsorships can be done on all platforms; Facebook, blogs, Instagram + Insta stories, snapchat, youtube etc.

Make sure to always follow the law and disclose when content is sponsored so you’re followers know you’re working with the brand for that post. 


This is the reason why youtubbers and bloggers have ads on their page and videos. Whenever an ad shows up on a youtube video you’re watching that means the youtubber gets a tiny amount of money for that view.
Adsense money on youtube can earn you a lot of money for sure, but it all really depends on how many views you get. You need to have quite a large amount of views monthly to make a decent income off youtube ads.

The same for blogs, whenever a banner show up on a blog you’re reading, it means it helps support the person behind it and help them earn some money for the content they work hard to create.

Adsense money on youtube can vary a lot depending on your video content, your channel and whether or not you’re with a network.


This is the 3rd most common way for influencers to earn money and it’s quite an easy way to do so. Affiliate links can be created for pretty much everything you’d want to link to; Books, makeup, skincare, clothes, shoes, home decor etc. and they’re easy to incorporate into content you’re already creating.

Let’s say you’ve done a clothing haul on youtube right? Then instead of linking to the items with regular links, you sign up to an affiliate network of your own choice (or multiple) and use their tools to create affiliate links. I personally use ‘Magic Links‘ a lot and I love how easy it is to use and their high commission rates.

Once you’ve signed up and created the affiliate links to your haul, you just put them in the description box and cross your fingers that somebody will click them and buy something off the website you just linked to.

You’ve done a Missguided haul and used affiliate links to all the items you’ve shown. One of you followers see an item they like, look in your description box, click your link and gets taken to the Missguided site. They shop around and buy for $100 and your links had a 15% commission rate so you just made $15 because they used your link!

It costs your followers nothing but it helps you earn some extra money for sending traffic and customers to these websites! Such an easy way to earn money off the content you’ve already created, that you’re also earning Adsense and banner money on! (:

There’s also a few extra ways to earn money as an influencer but they’re not as common and may not work for everyone.

Photoshoots + content for the brand

A lot of brands have started working with influencers as their ‘models’ for a lot of campaigns, especially fitness and makeup brands from what I’ve noticed. This means that instead of them sponsoring a video or picture on your platforms, they will hire you to be the face of a product and work as a ‘model’ instead of an influencer. This way you’re helping them create content for their website, socials or stores to promote their products and you’ll most likely be paid a lot more for this than you would a sponsorship, since this will be content they own the rights to and can use to advertise their latest releases on all their platforms and stores.


This is like when I did a global campaign for NYX Professional Makeup back in 2016. I was hired as the face for their ‘Copenhagen’ collection consisting of their super popular matte lip cream and a new eyeshadow palette and was flown out to L.A. to work with them. We did 2 diffrent shoot days, one for photos in Milk studios in Hollywood and another for a video we shot at NYX HQ. This content was used to globally advertise their ‘Copenhagen’ collection and was used on their website, in-stores and online.

Brand Collabs

This is a great way to not only earn a lot of money but also to create something of your own with a brand you love, however brands tend to work with influencer with millions of followers only so this is something most won’t get the chance to do. But it’s something to work towards, right!? Who knows what can happen!

Many brands have done collabs with Influencers to create custom products that usually will sell out super fast due to the amount of following the influencer have.

Morohe x Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette, Desi X Quay sunglasses, Kristen Leanne x Urban decay, Nikkitutorials x Too Faced, Desi & Katy x Dose of colors, ABH x Amrezy and the list goes on!

It’s a huge opportunity for both the brand and influencer to create a custom collab and they usually do very well on the market.


This can apply to a lot of different influencers as there’s quite a lot of ways to freelance on whether you’re a food influencer or beauty influencer.

My sister is a food/lifestyle blogger and she does quite a lot of freelance jobs for magazines in Denmark in which they hire her to come up with recipes for their food sections and then go to photoshoots with them to cook and style the food for the photos.

As a beauty influencer myself, I get a LOT of inquires about doing other people makeup so if you’re makeupartist turned influencer then this would be a great extra income as well, especially if you take on freelancing on brides during wedding seasons.

You can also freelance as a writer for online magazines or blogs where they’ll hire you to write a column or blog posts about the topic you normally work with.


If you’re a larger hair or makeup influencer then there’s a big chance that your followers would love for you to do a masterclass in different cities or even countries to teach them all your best tips and tricks. Masterclasses can be done in various different ways and ticket prices range from $100 to thousands of dollars depending the artist hosting it.
The Mario x Kim Kardashian Masterclass for example was quite expensive but he’s also one of the most well known artists at the moment so people were willing to pay a lot to learn his techniques for doing Kim K’s makeup.


And that was it you guys, these are all the ways us influencer can create an income and do our jobs full time. As you can see, there’s a lot of different ways but as stated above, most people use the first 3 to earn their income.

Being an influencer is a lot of hard work and you need to be prepared that it’s a job with a very unsteady income as you never know how many views you get or how many brands will work with you and if you’re sick for 2 weeks then you’ll loose 2 weeks of videos, blog posts, sponsorships with deadlines etc.

So it’s unsteady at times but it’s so worth it in the end!

Hope you guys found this helpful <3

 – Laura




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    Thank you so much! I have a passion and love for makeup. I uploaded my first makeup tutorial a day ago! I’m super excited to do it. However, maybe you could do a blog about how to grow your blog, instagram, channel, etc.,? Thank you! This was so helpful!

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      Will do that soon for sure! Congratulations on your first video (: xx

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