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Hey guys and welcome back,
I know I went MIA on here during December but that was only because I was doing ’31 days of christmas’ on my Lifestyle youtube channel with a new video every day in December so go check them out right here and catch up on any you may have missed!

I’m super excited to be back and have so many posts already written and ready to share with you all and I figured there was no better way to start out than by posting my Fenty review of the new Mattemoiselle lipsticks (:

These launched on December 26th on Sephora.com and Fentybeauty.com for $18. They are also available in all Sephora stores worldwide I believe, including Denmark, as well as online in Denmark right here for 150DKK.



The first thing I noticed about these lipsticks when I got them was how much I loved the packaging! These are the same size and shape as the Galaxy collection lipsticks and I love how slim and unique they are and how much they stand out from the regular lipsticks tubes we’re so used to seeing. They have a gorgeous shiny silver finish, twist up like regular lipsticks and they feel sturdy enough to survive being dropped without breaking. They also have a gorgeous FB logo on the top of lid to add extra detail and as a bit of a packaging snob, I really appreciate that (;


The Mattemoiselle lipsticks are described on the sephora website as “An ultra-slim lipstick with a long-wearing, petal-soft matte finish, created in a rainbow of weightless, color-intense shades designed to flatter all skin tones.” They come in 14 different shades ranging from nude to orange to red to green so there’s literally a color for everyone in this collection whether you like your lips to be nude or bold and I love it! Fenty has quickly taken over the makeup world with their great quality products that stands out and cater to EVERYONE!


Here you have all 14 shades swatched on my arm using 2 swipes only to get this full intense color payoff and just look at them you guys, aren’t they beautiful? They are probably some of my favorite and easiest lipsticks I’ve ever swatched for a review before. They just glide right on with no patchiness or dryness and the pigment is insane!

My favorites have got to be Up to no good, Ma’Damn and Spanked for the more ‘neutral’ colors and midnight wasabi, one of the boyz and candy venom for the bolder colors. What’s your favorite?

img_9390 img_9394

The lipsticks themselves have a great shape, not too big and nicely rounded, and they come with a FB logo on top which looks super nice but sadly gets ruined by first use. They apply super easily on the lips with no dragging thanks to their creamy velvet formula that just glides right on and the pigmentation in these are insane! You only need 2 swipes to get a full opaque finish, even with the lighter colors. They are not ‘matte’ in the liquid lipsticks sense of course but they’re not shiny or glossy either and I’d probably best describe them as a soft matte finish.

They are super comfortable to wear and the first time I tested them out I actually forgot I was wearing it and accidentally smeared lip balm on top as I couldn’t even feel it! They are non-drying, doesn’t feather or bleed and won’t leave your lips looking crusty like many matte lipsticks do and the longevity is great as long as you stay away from greasy food.


And I think that’s all I have to say about the new Mattemoiselle lipsticks, I hope you enjoyed and found the review, info and swatches helpful! Let me know down below if you got any of these and what your favorite color is <3

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