Hey guys and happy Saturday! 

Today is super rainy and cold here in Denmark so I’ve been chilling on my couch all morning looking at my favorite webshops and adding warm sweaters and cozy joggers to my basket, so I thought today would be the perfect day to share my favorite online shops with you all.

I usually always go for more affordable clothing because 1) I ain’t rich and 2) affordable = I can get more items.
I also switch things up a lot so I prefer to get things that aren’t too expensive since I know I’ll most likely get bored of it sooner rather than later.

These webshops are my go-to’s for clothing but they also have super cute shoes and accessories as well.

  • Fashion Nova – My holy grail website haha! I’m always always checking their new arrivals and my basket it always ful of 50+ items at all times, not to mention how long my wishlist on their site is. They have super affordable clothing and they get new stuff pretty much daily. The quality is good and everything usually fits me perfectly, especially their jeans! I’ve always struggled with jeans but after I tried my first pair of Nova jeans I haven’t worn anything else. I get a size 3 and they fit me like a glove + they’re super comfortable and stretchy! They have everything you could possible need; jackets, jeans, formal and everyday dresses, sweaters, shoes, loungewear, lingerie – just everything!
    They usually have sales but in case they don’t you can use the code ‘LAURAL’ for 15% on everything (non-affiliate).
  • Miss Pap – Super cute clothes for very affordable prices + their shoe selection is to die for! They get new arrivals very often and they have a selection of everything you could possibly be looking for. I especially love their Loungewear sets with cute joggers or leggings and matching tops or hoodies – perfect for a chill fall day!
  • Nelly – Tons of different brands on this site but for the affordable part I can really recommend the Nelly Trend brand. They have so many cute styles of sweaters, dresses, jackets, workout gear and boots!
  • In The Style – Tons of cute outfits for low prices and their shoes are gorgeous too! (especially the 3D Unicorn slippers, Imma need me some of those!)
  • I Saw It First – I got a few items from this site a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying to do outfits pictures with it ever since so stay tuned for that. If you watch my vlogs you know I’m living in my Cold Shoulder jumpsuit though, it’s so comfy!
  • Boohoo – My second favorite shop after Fashion Nova. Boohoo is the cheapest place out of the whole list and they ALWAYS have a sale going on! I got 40 items for $470 a little while ago – so crazy!! I’ll have a haul video on my Lifestyle Youtube channel very soon! (:


*UPDATE 4/12-2017*

  • LOTD – One of my new favorites stores! I have a bunch of amazing sweaters from here + the softest fluffiest faux fur jacket. The quality seems very good and all the items I have from there have held up good nwhen washing and wearing! <3

Let me know you favorite shops, I’m always looking for new ones! 


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  • Line

    Fedt med nye idéer til hvor jeg nu bliver nødt til at shoppe 😉
    Men har lige et spørgsmål – når du bestiller fra Fashion nova, kommer der så ikke told osv oveni prisen, hvis det bliver sent fra usa?

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Laura Leth

      Intet bedre end nye shoppe sider haha! Det svinger meget – jeg får tit deres ting sendt som PR gaver da jeg samarbejder med dem på youtube videoer men jeg tror kun jeg har betalt told 3 gange ud af måske 12 pakker jeg har fået i gave og købt hos dem (:
      Men priserner er så billige + deres forsendelse er kun $10 eller gratis over $150 så selv med told var det faktisk ikke slemt overhovedet! <3

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Jeg køber stort set kun tøj hos Boohoo og misspap – det er det bedste og billigste 😀 Og deres sales er vanvittige 😉

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Laura Leth

      Præcis!! De har altid udsalg og de får så mange nye ting hele tiden 😀

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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