Hey Guys,
I just got back home from a visit to my parents house and thought I’d write a little bit and share some pretty autumn photos I took! <3

It’s finally starting to look like fall outside. The temperature is dropping, the air feels crisp and fresh and the leaves have started to turn orange, yellow and red.
Living in Denmark my favorite seasons have always been fall and winter and I’ve never quite looked forward to summer and spring the same way as everyone else seems to do. Summer to me is always a disappointment to be honest, the weather is never as nice as I want it to be, everyone is always working or gone on vacation, I still have to work 5-7 days a week and when the sun is shinning bright outside the last thing I really want to do is to be inside editing or filming or answering never ending emails.

Fall and winter however? I love them. The weather here is super cosy and when you work from home it’s really not that bad with rainy days or tons of snow outside. To me, that makes it so much more fun to be working inside and there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with some hot cocoa after a long day and putting on a good tv show to wind down with while the rain fall downs outside in the dark.

This year, fall feels a lot different than the past two to me and I was anxious but also happy to put this summer and the heartbreak that came with it behind me.
As some of you have guessed, a breakup was the reason I took time off during the summer and why I went MIA for a little while. I needed a break away from everything to focus on getting my shit together and just staying sane, ’cause it felt like I was about to loose it to be honest.

3 months later and I’m doing so much better but it’s still hard and I can definitely feel the difference in being alone this year as fall arrives. I guess after 2 years you get so used to someone always being there with you or at the other end of the phone to keep you company whenever you need it and it’s easier to get lonely and overthink things in the dark fall months than during the bright summer ones.

This year I’m trying to really appreciate fall and winter as much as possible so I decided to go visit my parents for a few days and spend some time outside the city and get some much needed fresh air. We went on a walk through the forrest right by the house and I snapped some photos to share with you guys since it was just so beautiful in there, I mean look at them! Fall has truly arrived!



I honestly miss living out here and being able to just walk out the door and having nature like this all around me, can you believe I got to grow up here? I lived 17 years of my life out here and I’m forever grateful for that. I hope to one day buy or build a house out here and be close to my family and all this prettiness every single day. For now, I’ll stay near the city and my friends though.



I’m excited for the rest of the fall time and what it will bring and I’ll definitely be visiting my family again before winter comes. I need some more forrest walks in between the orange and red trees before all the leaves fall to the ground and the snow and ice arrives.

Being out here makes me feel more at peace than I have in a very long time and being around family, nature and the 3 cats I have here is definitely healing for the soul, which is still much needed for me during this time of my life.

What are you favorite season? And what do you love about them? Let me know <3


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