If you follow me on snapchat or Instagram you know by know that I have 2 little boys that I got back in september last year.
Now, I’ve had cats my whole life when I lived at home but I always had my parents and sister around to help feed them and entertain them, my dad bought their food and they were outside most of the time so I never really noticed any downside to having them.
But these 2? Shit, I never knew what it was like to have indoors cats, especially hyper kittens, and to be all alone to do everything and not be able to just throw them outside at night if they wanted to be annoying? Let’s just say I’ve learned a few things haha! 😂😂



  1. There’s no such thing as privacy. Shower in peace? nah, forget it 😺
  2. If they fit, they sit. I keep finding these two weirdos in the weirdest places. On top of my kitchen cabinets, in boxes from PR packages, in my bathroom sink, behind my vanity mirror – anywhere they can squeeze themselves in, they’ll chill.
  3. There’s no such things as a plants anymore. They managed to kill all my plants within a week and my sister looses a few whenever they visit her upstairs as well.
  4. Fake flowers apparently taste good and they love to steal them from my vases whenever I turn away from them.
  5. Cat proofing a house takes longer than baby proofing. I have a whole nightly routine I go through before bed to ensure they can’t tip over candles, vases, cups, skincare etc during the night. I also have to put pillows up against all closet door to prevent the cat from clawing his way in there.
  6. Pillows doesn’t work anymore. He kept me up for 2 hours clawing at the closet last night… Not gonna lie, I almost killed him for that 🙄
  7. No matter how much you hate them,they’re just so cute you can’t stay mad at them.
  8. They can break a lot more stuff than you probably think. We’re up to 2 of my favorite vases, 5 candles, 1 tall floor mirror and 2 makeup brushes so far.
  9. They poop so much. Like how is it possible for such small creatures to fill a letterbox in no time – HOW!? 😂😂😂
  10. Hairties are apparently the most fun out of all the things they have to play with.
  11. Cats can play fetch. At least mine can and it’s his favorite thing to do – is that normal?
  12. They LOVE their mama! Thank god haha! They always wanna be around me 😻


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Hey guys,

I recently got a bunch of stuff home that I ordered a little while ago and I thought I’d share it with you all.
I’ve been eating a lot better since the beginning of January and I’m making it my mission for 2017 to eat more daily (I used to eat way too little) and to eat healthier and get better things into my body so I ordered a bunch of things to help me with that 💕

The first things I ordered were more protein powder from Womens Best and an extra shaker. I’ve gone through one big tub of Vanilla powder during January and only have 1 other left in my cabinet so I figured it was time to get backups and try different flavors to see what I like the best. I ended up ordering 2 vegan proteins with chocolate and cookies & cream flavor and 2 whey proteins (I prefer vegan but they didn’t have as many flavors) in the flavors Banana and Cinnamon apple. The shipping was pretty expensive even though they ship from germany so that sucks, but the things were on sale when I ordered so it was still an okay price overall.

I’ve tried the chocolate, banana and cookies & creme flavor already and the chocolate is my favorite for sure. I didn’t like the Cookies & cream but maybe I’ll like it in a different type of shake. The banana was fine, nothing special about it but nothing bad either.

Please note that I mix these in Smoothies (700ml) and not with 300 ml water as stated and the flavors are still pretty strong, so I can imagine that in a small shake mixed with liquid only it might be too overpowering.

Next up I got some superfood and things in bulk that I always use but hate being in smaller expensive packages. I ordered these things off RealFoodSource on Amazon and delivery was pretty quick and their prices are much cheaper than in stores.

I got 1 liter of coconut oil, 1kg almonds, 1kg Quinoa, 1kg chia seeds and 500g of goji berries. 

I use the coconut oil for skin (not my face) and hair, food and smoothies, quinoa mainly in salads and Almonds + goji berries + chia seeds I put in my smoothies 💕



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These are the books I’ve brought with me to my home from my “home library” at my parents house recently and I cannot wait to get started on them! I recently finished ‘Bleed like me’ and really really liked it although it was pretty intense.

A lot of these books are sequels and part of series so I really want to dive back into those worlds but I can’t decide what to starts first, especially since it’s been so long since I’ve read the previous books.

I used to read almost a book a day when I was a teenager, when I was 15-17 I read hundreds of books but ever since I started my own businesses (youtube, blog, instagram and webshop) I’ve been unable to focus on reading and relaxing since I always feel like I should spend my time working instead.

This year I really want to get better at taking time to read and relax, just some “me” time every once in a while and read books instead of looking at stuff online or watching TV.

As you can probably tell by the photos, I read the YA category (young adult) and even though I’m 21 now I still feel like those are the books that interest me the most. That, and NA books (New adult). I just love how they create all these worlds, the characters are relatable age wise and they just have all these amazing stories to get lost in.

I’ll probably be 50, with teenage kids and still read Young adult books haha! 

I think my next read will be ‘Scarlet’ which is the sequel to ‘Cinder’. These books are modern re-telling of old classic fairytales which I really enjoy. Cinder was about Cinderella and I believe Scarlet is about Little Red Riding Hood.

Have you read any of these? Let me know! 



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Coffe mug from Indiska

One thing I love about working from home during this winter is the gloomy dark mornings spend inside my new warm house, with candles burning, fresh flowers and a hot cup of tea. I’ve always loved winter, it’s probably my favorite time of the year, I just wish it would snow more. There’s nothing better than snow if you ask me, I could literally just sit and stare at it for hours, something about it just calms me down and it’s so beautiful to look out the window and see white everywhere ❄️

Hopefully we’ll get some snow days before spring comes along ⛄️ ❄️