*My hair is done in collaboration with Hairtalk*

Hey Guys, 

For todays blog post I wanted to share my experience with tape-in hair extensions, my thoughts on them and some before and after pics with you all since I always get so many questions about them.

I’ve had my tape-in extensions for about 7 months now I believe and the brand I use is called Hairtalk – check them out here and here.

Hairtalk uses tape for their extensions which was something I’d never tried before and had previously heard some bad reviews about so at first I was a bit hesitant but I’m so glad I tried them out! Hairtalk uses super delicate tape that won’t damage your own hair and it can be used in super thin hair without showing (You wouldn’t believe some of the makeovers they do, it’s incredible!).

I’ve had 3 different hairstyles with hairtalk the past 7 months and I’ve gotten to try out diffrent colors and lengths and it’s been so much fun to be able to switch up my hair without damaging it! They also change and apply the new hair so fast that I could probably be in and out of there in less than an hour, so it’s super fast and completely pain free. I would definitely recommend tape over any other form of extensions as these are pretty much always invisible, mine only shows occasionally when hair is up and I didn’t lay them flat or when my hair has grown too long and the tape needs to be re-done and lifted, and they’re so comfortable to have in. I never feel mine and they never tug or make my scalp sore, not even when freshly applied. You can also barely feel them when touching the scalp and you can do super slick and tight ponies without them showing as long you you just make sure to lay the tape flat in the direction of the ponytail.

Watch my ponytail tutorial here with the extensions.

My own hair hasn’t gotten thinner or had any damage at all and it’s growing as fast as always which is so nice since most extensions will damage your hair when worn for longer period of time.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I style and wash my hair and whether or not it’s difficult and it honestly isn’t. Sure, washing and drying the hair takes longer since my hair is so much thicker now but I only wash my hair twice a week so it really isn’t bad. I can also styles it any way I want to with no problems and I’ve had no trouble using the styling tools and products I’ve always used.

I shampoo and condition with Hairtalk products (I use shampoo, conditioner, serum & detangler spray) and typically always blow dry my hair or at least the scalp part where the tape is since that can’t air dry.

I’ve only ever lost 1 full track of hair out of the 7 months I’ve had them in and that was after blowdrying so I assume I had the drier too close to the tape for too long which softened it up but out of all the tracks I have in and for how long I’ve had it, I’m surprised it’s only happened once! I’d heard horror stories about tape in extensions falling out constantly or losing 10+ tracks in the shower every time so definitely make sure you don’t get bad tape ins! I’d highly recommend hairtalk if available in your country! (:

Here’s some more hair photos:

billede-15-10-2017-19-14-40_preview billede-09-08-2017-09-43-56_preview  billede-10-10-2017-22-54-50_preview billede-03-10-2017-12-58-12_preview-2


I currently have one pack of hair that’s a tad darker than my own to darken it a bit for winter + 2 packs that match my own I believe (last photo), but I’ve previously had a complete color match that looked exactly like my own hair color, people had no clue I had extensions as the match was that perfect (first 4 photos above this) + a blonde ombre last summer (first photo + second to last).

I’m actually thinking about cutting my hair short again (shoulder length)and going either darker or lighter… Can’t fully decide though!

Hope you found this helpful <3


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