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Sorry it’s been a bit quiet here on the blog! If you follow my Lifestyle Youtube then you’ve seen in my latest vlogs that I’ve been super busy re-arranging and getting my studio/beauty room as perfect as possible and I’m finally done and back to my regular work schedule (:

After I posted my last 3 vlogs I got a lot of questions about where I get my makeup organizers from so I figured I’d do some posts on that! This one is all about my favorite online affordable organizers and later I’ll do a video or blogpost about the more expensive ones that I have and how I store everything.

I picked out my Top 10 affordable ones to share with you, so if you’re looking for new organizers for compacts, lipsticks, glosses etc. then keep reading <3



  1.   Lipstick tower (UK) Lipstick tower (US) – £30/$40 – holds 81 lipsticks

2. Lipgloss holder – $14 – holds 24 glosses

3. Compact organizer – $9.33 – holds 8 compacts

4. Lipstick holder -$14 – holds 41 round lipsticks

5. Lipstick/compact/pencil tower (UK) – £40 – holds 80 lipsticks + extra



  1. Lipstick holder – $23 – holds 36 lipsticks

2. Two row compact organizer – $11 – holds 20 compacts

3. Four row compact organizer – $16 – holds 40 compacts

4. Single compact organizer – $8 – holds 10 compacts

5. Lipstick holder – $10 – holds 36 lipsticks

I personally already own the first lipstick tower and I love it! It stores so many lipsticks and it’s so convenient and easy to see what colors you need (:

I also have the compact organizer for 40 compacts and I LOVE it, I’m ordering more asap! I also have the last lipstick holder and I’m getting more of that as well <3

Hope you found it helpful and found some more affordable ways to store your beauty items, I know some companies charges $50-100+ for some of these things! 


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  • Natasja

    Compact holderen med plads til 40, passer den i en alexkommode?? 🙂

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    • Laura Leth

      ja! Men kun på den ene led og der er lidt ekstra plads i siden og vidst også bagi men der ligger jeg bare ekstra compacts, så kan de ikke glide rundt (:

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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