Hey Loves,
For todays post I wanted to do some super random facts about me! I always get asked to do the ’50 facts tag’ but I could never come up with that many at once so now I figured I’d do these whenever I have 5 haha! Enjoy and hopefully get to know me better! ♡

– ONE –
I’m obsessed with american houses! I follow so many real estate accounts on IG and I often go to their websites and check out house listings, pictures, floor plans and prices for homes all over the U.S. even though I live in Denmark and would most likely move to a Downtown L.A apartment if I ever moved to the states. I’m especially obsessed with houses in Utah, they have so many huge gorgeous houses with mountain views ♡

– TWO –
I’m terrified of the ocean and pools at night time. I can’t watch anything filmed underwater, not movies, youtube videos or snapchats, without getting super anxious and looking away. Nothing freaks me out more than dark, deep water and the thought of everything down there (sharks, alligators, you know what I mean)  or objects like sunken ships, planes, cars etc. submerged under water.
I do swim in the ocean occasionally though as I love the feeling of the water and waves but I’m usually freaking out internally the entire time.
I started sweating and getting the chills writing this cause’ mental pictures of deep dark water and sunken ships keeps popping up in my mind now, dammit!

I’m obsessed with Pågen ‘chokolade gifflar’ and can easily eat a package a day. So unhealthy but oh so good! (pretty sure they’re sold in scandinavia only though, sorry!)

– FOUR –
I’ve never watched Game Of Thrones.. Come at me lol! Everyone and their damn mama have watched and been obsessing over this show forever now and I haven’t even watched 2 minutes of it. I might watch it one day when it’s all over so that way I have all seasons if I end up liking it…

– FIVE –
I’m a crier when it comes to movies and tv-shows. If it’s sad, I cry – always. My sister came downstairs and found me crying on the couch to Greys anatomy the other day even though I’d seen that episode twice (the episode with Henry) and when I watched the shooting episode before that, I was bawling like a damn baby for 2 hours lol! I’m still slightly emotionally damaged from ‘Containment’ that I literally watched a year ago or ‘Me before you’ that just ripped my lil heart into pieces and walked all over it. I really shouldn’t watch anything sad ever again because I just can’t let it go haha!

So that’s it for today you guys, I’ll do more soon! 


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    Bare lige til info, så virker dit link til bloggen på Instagram ikke, da du har skrevet wwe i stedet for www 🙂

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