Okay you guys, I have a confessions to make…

I may be a ‘beauty influencer’ and makeup artist but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to make my beauty routine as easy as possible, because trust me, I have days where makeup and skincare is the last thing I could possibly want to do! I know, not very compatible with my job but it is what it is (;

So for todays post I wanted to share with you all my top 10 beauty tools under $3 that are super handy and useful for your beauty regime to make everything a bit easier ♡

1. Fluffy big headband 

This is one you guys have seen me use so many times if you watch my lifestyle channel and also in my IG skincare videos. I use this every single day, morning and night, for my skimcare routine to keep my hair off my face and protect it from my cleansers, oils, creams etc. Its super soft and fluffy, doesn’t leave a dent in your hair like some headbands do and it’s super comfortable to wear.

2. Brush color remover

This is a lifesaver if you have limited brushes and need to do a look with a lot of different colors. You just run your brush over it a few times and the color will be removed and you can go in with a light color even if you just used black. Super handy and great for traveling as well.

3. Iphone ring light

This is an amazing tool for your makeup selfies when you need to use your iPhone for photos. The light is super bright and adjustable so even at night you’ll be able to get bomb photos with a popping’ highlight! Great for traveling and for nights out.

4. Lash storage box

If you’re like me and you loose your eyelash packaging all the time then this is for you! Also great if you want to minimize the space your lashes take up when traveling or when working with limited storage space. Perfect to store you favorite lashes in and super cute to look at!

5. Brush cleanser tool

This is a great alternative to those super expensive brush mats and gloves and it does the job great for deep cleaning days.

6. Mascara shield

I’m an idiot at putting on mascara, not gonna lie. I always get it under my eyes on my perfectly set concealer (nothing worse!) or on the eyeshadow I just spend 15 minutes blending…
This however is a great tool to protect your precious work from accidental mascara spots.

7. Shadow shields 

A super handy tool when you’re doing your eyeshadow after doing your base. These will prevent the fallout from ending up on your foundation/concealer and you’re also able to use them as guides for a winged liner or winged eyeshadow.

8. Face mask brush 

This may be a given for some but I know a lot of people who still apply their face mask with their fingers and if you hate touching products (like me), then a face mask bush is really great for precisely applying your masks and getting an even coverage all over.

9. Beauty blender stand/drier

This is perfect for beauty blender lovers as it allows you to store them where they’ll still get air while drying which will prevent them from staying moist inside which can cause bacteria to grow and for them to get moldy.

10. Silicone sheet mask cover

I have 2 of these and they’ve been amazing! I could never get my sheet masks to stay put on my face and with these covers that wrap around the ears they will not go anywhere! I also feel like I get more of the product into my skin as the silicone cover prevent the air from drying out the masks.


Hope you guys enjoyed and found it helpful and maybe found some tools to help you out with your struggles! ♡

 – Laura Leth


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